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Spring home maintenance checklist

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

One of the best things you can do for your home is routine maintenance throughout the year. Having a spring maintenance checklist will help avoid costly repairs down the road and allow you to budget for any upcoming projects in the summer. Check out our checklist for home maintenance items for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Exterior spring home maintenance checklist

The exterior of your home takes a beating with winter storms and winds. These are the items that should be checked each spring to keep your home at its best;

  • Gutters - Now that things are beginning to thaw you will want to check your gutters and downspouts to ensure they are clear of debris and clogs. Spring will bring rain showers so making sure your gutters are in good condition will help with any pooling of water around the foundation of your home and keep leaks at bay.

  • Roof - After the winter storms pass you will want to check your roof to make sure the shingles did not take on damage. Look for missing shingles or shingles that look like they are lifted. If you see any damage, you may want to call a roofing company to repair your roof before the spring showers come. Missing shingles or lifted shingles will allow water to leak into your ceilings and cause damage inside your home.

  • Exterior walls - Whether you have brick, aluminum siding or stucco, you will want to make sure it is spring ready. Check for cracks, missing panels or bricks, ensure there are no areas that need patch work or replacing.

  • Deck - Spring is the time to get your deck in top shape for bbq’s and star gazing. Pressure wash your deck to remove any stains or mildew left from the winter. Then look for any damaged wood or rot that needs to be replaced. After everything is clean and dry, you will want to apply a new coat of paint or stain to last throughout the summer heat.

  • Window seals - In the winter we all know to check our windows for drafts to keep the warm air inside and cold air out. Spring is similar, however, we want to keep the cold air in and warm air out. Now is the time to ensure the seals around your windows are airtight and weatherstripping is in place. Spring is also a great time to think about upgrading your windows for more efficiency over the summer.

Interior spring home maintenance checklist

The interior of your home is just as important to maintain than the exterior. These are the items on our spring maintenance checklist for inside your home;

  • A/C unit - Have your A/C checked by a professional and change any filters that need to be changed. Cleaning the unit will remove any debris left over such as leaves from the fall and help efficiency over the summer to keep you cooler.

  • Screens - Now is the time to open all our windows and let the warm air in. However, we don’t want to invite the bugs in as well. This is the perfect time to check all your window and door screens for holes and tears. You can buy new screening at most local hardware stores and an applicator to replace the screen on your own. So you can open your windows and enjoy the fresh air!

  • Attic and basement - In the cold months, critters may look for a warm place to live rent free. Look for nests, dung, etc as well as any holes that they may be getting in through. If you do find a critter or evidence of one you will want to hire a professional who will know how to remove the unwanted guest. Basements also need to be checked for any mold or mildew. Leaks will start from the bottom up so check the perimeter for any dampness or water stains to make sure you don’t have any moisture causing problems this summer.

Professional handyman maintenance

Being a homeowner can be challenging. Having a handyman service you can rely on can bring you peace of mind. The little things can add up but you can avoid both major and minor home catastrophes with regular home maintenance.

With the home maintenance service through Multi Lakes Handyman Service, you’ll receive regular checks on the interior and exterior of your home. Our team knows how to spot a small problem and fix it before it becomes an expensive problem. Give us a call this spring for your home maintenance needs.

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