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Smart home devices and their benefits

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Smart home devices and their benefits

Everyone has heard of smart home technology such as Google Nest or Alexa. But, did you know that smart home devices can actually save you money? Vacuum your house for you and control your home's temperature? Smart devices for your home have come a long way. So how do you turn your home into a smart home? Simple, a Wi-Fi connection, a smart home device and smart home technology that will connect and monitor these devices. So if you have been thinking about making your “home sweet home” a “home smart home”. Here is a look into just a few of the benefits you will get.

Smart home devices that save you money

Smart home devices are so much more than just asking Alexa questions - it was created with energy efficiency in mind. For example, if you have a smart home thermostat installed you would be able to control it by either a schedule you create directly in the thermostat or directly from your phone. Why heat your home while nobody is there? But of course you also want to come home to a nice warm home, so from a simple app on your phone you are able to turn your heat up an hour before you come home. Your furnace will thank you for not having to work as hard and you will love the savings on your energy bill!

Just as above with energy saving, you can also save on your electricity bill! By installing smart home light bulbs. These light bulbs can be controlled by an app as well but also can change based on the amount of sunlight or natural light coming in. They also can be placed on sensors so they only turn on when you enter a room and automatically turn off if it does not sense movement in the room. Also, for those rare instances you cannot remember if you left the light on when you left for work that morning, your smart home device app will let you know what lights are on and allow you to turn them off! With teenagers who love to turn every light in the house on, this is a huge life saver and money saver!

Smart devices for your home safety

Home is where we all should feel safe and sound. Smart home technology has made this simple and gives us all peace of mind. Security cameras such as the Ring Doorbell are great smart home devices. Not only are they a doorbell, they also connect directly to your phone and alert you of anyone that is at your door or in your yard. It also will record for up to 24 hours of activity for your safety. No need to worry any longer about going on vacation. The ring will let you know if someone is at your door and allows you to speak to them from anywhere through your phone. Talk about scaring a potential intruder away!

As a parent we always want to make sure our babies are safe. The baby video monitors now allow you to not only watch your baby on the screen to ensure they are safe, but also can set alarms for parents for feedings or even music to soothe the baby back to sleep. How about when your child is outside playing, we need to be inside to start dinner but want to ensure they are safe. Now, you can do it all. You can keep a watchful eye on your little one's outside while you’re inside taking care of dinner or work. No matter what, smart devices for your home will give that extra level of comfort you have been looking for.

Smart home technology is all about convenience

7:00am, alarm goes off, look outside to see it is raining and cold. The TV weatherman seems to be taking forever to tell you the weather for the day. Meanwhile you forgot to start the coffee machine and are now running late...sound familiar? What if I told you that all you had to do in the morning was say “good morning” and your smart device would not only tell you good morning but could start the coffee, tell you the weather and top news for the day as well as your commute, play your favorite music while you get ready and send you off to work with a “have a great day”! It is not only possible but totally amazing.

How about a smart vacuum that can clean your floor while you are at work. A washing machine that automatically senses the soil and dispenses the proper amount of detergent and water. A robot that cuts your grass on a weekly schedule. A humidity sensor that can tell if you have a leak and turn the water off in that area before you have a flood or mold problem. These are only a few ways that a smart home can help you find that extra time to spend with the family or taking care of projects you never got around to doing. So let the home device take care of things while you focus on what's really important worry free.

Creating a smart home with help

Smart home devices have become easily accessible and even more than that, they have become affordable. Although many smart home devices are easy to set up and are mostly plug and play, some devices do require a professional to ensure proper installation. For example a smart thermostat may require an electrician to upgrade your wiring for the correct requirements to properly connect. A ring doorbell as well as security cameras may also need a few extra tools in order to mount it in place. For example if you want the ring doorbell to be mounted to brick, you will require a special drill to mount the hardware properly. No matter your needs we are always just a call away and happy to help!

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