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Home upgrades that add value to your house

Updated: Mar 1

Home upgrades that add value to your house

With mortgage rates being at an all time low many people are thinking about selling their home, or, at the very least renovating their current home to be at its best. But how can you make sure you are doing the right upgrades? The key is knowing what house upgrades increase your home value without breaking the bank. We put together a list of home improvement upgrades that will help get you ready for your next steps and of course Multi Lakes Handyman will be there to help every step of the way!

Exterior house upgrades

The first thing anyone sees about your home is the exterior or curb appeal. A great landscape is an easy and low cost upgrade that will help add value to your home. Make sure your yard is clean of debris, remove weeds, cut the grass and add some pops of color with flowers. Next make sure your siding is clean, an easy fix for this is simply power washing your exterior. Finally, upgrade your doors. Energy efficiency is important to everyone, so upgrading your exterior door to a steel door will help keep your heat in and the cold out and vice versa. Choose a nice navy blue for a burst of color to your home.

Painting upgrades to increase home value

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your home value and is a natural attractant. However, the right paint color is just as important as a newly painted room. Try to choose natural colors for the living room such as taupe or cream. Soft blue or grey hues are a great choice for kitchen, and bathrooms. Bedrooms try for a cadet blue or slate grey. If you cannot afford to paint the entire house, the kitchen and bathrooms are the main rooms that attract the most attention. You can always clean the walls as well to give it a small makeover without having to pick out new paint colors. Is painting not your favorite thing to do? No problem, you can always hire a professional to get the job done.

Large home improvement upgrades

Have you ever heard the phrase, kitchen and bathrooms sell homes? It’s true. The biggest house upgrade to increase home value is your kitchen and bathroom renovations. Kitchen renovations will almost always include an upgrade to the countertops, granite or quartz are hot on the market right now.

Stainless steel appliances that are energy efficient are also equally important. If this is out of reach then try a fresh coat of paint around the trim, baseboards and entry way and an inexpensive backsplash to spruce it up. You can also paint cabinets to give them a facelift. Give your kitchen a new look with a few small changes such as new pulls on the cabinets, a new faucet for the sink and new light fixtures above the sink.

In the bathroom the biggest items to upgrade will be the vanity and lighting. Canned lighting is inexpensive and can add a ton of value to your home. Don’t forget to make sure your bathroom fan is working and if not replace it with an energy efficient one. You can get a new vanity at a relatively low cost that will yield high results. Upgrade your faucet to a modern look, match the kitchen for an overall cohesive look.

Try to keep the look simple and clean using light color pallets such as light blues and white. If this seems out of reach then a fresh coat of paint on the baseboards and trim with clean walls will help. Need help with upgrading the electrical? Give us a call, our skilled electricians are standing by to help.

Final thoughts

While these home improvements can improve the comfort of your home while you live there, they will also help increase the value of your home when and if you're ready to sell. Do you need additional advice? Or a contractor to start getting your house upgrades underway? Contact us. At Multi Lakes Handyman we have over 20 years of experience in the home improvement business and contractors for any job big or small.

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