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Home renovation projects to bring in the new year

Updated: Mar 1

Home renovation projects to bring in the New Year

Remember when you first bought your home? Chances are you had plans to do home renovation projects such as updating the kitchen or master bath. Then little by little those home renovation projects fell to the wayside as life got in the way. But it is a brand new year! New Year's resolutions will be made, let updating your home be one of them. Whether it is a small project such as new paint or a complete remodel, this is the time to make your dream home come to life.

Home renovation resolution #1 - remodeling

Kitchen and bathrooms are the two main areas that can add equity to your home. Kitchens are also one of the most used and comfortable areas for conversation and spending time with friends and family in your home. However, kitchen renovations can also come with a hefty price tag. They don’t have to be thousand dollar projects. Painting old cabinets and putting new hardware on them can give the entire kitchen a refreshed look.

Not a fan of paint? Try one of the biggest trends right now and put up wallpaper instead. You can find it in multiple colors and textures as well as patterns and the best part is, it is much easier to apply. They even make peel and stick or temporary wallpaper.

Kitchen renovation splurge

Ready to splurge? Put your money into countertops. Quartz is one of the biggest sellers right now, however granite is classic and will continue to be at the top of the best materials to use for countertops. However you choose to renovate your kitchen will surely add comfort and joy in the new year!

Bathroom renovation trends

Bathrooms are always a hot topic for home renovations. Some of the biggest items we expect to see in the new year are:

  • Stand alone showers with rain shower heads

  • Zero clearance entryway

  • Linear drains

  • Textured or patterned walls

  • Textured or patterned floors

Small updates to a bathroom like paint and new rugs can give a quick face lift, while replacing the shower lining or bathtub may be a bit more extreme. Bathrooms are meant to be serene, a place to feel stress free and relax. Using soothing natural colors or blue color hues will help put you at ease. So bring on the renovation and add stress free to your new year's resolutions.

Home renovation resolution #2 - organization

The top item on most new year resolution lists is finding ways to organize and declutter our homes. Then the holidays come along and we end up adding to our closets and play areas instead of decluttering them. So this year we are giving you some tips to help make sure this is one resolution you don’t struggle with.

Declutter closets

The best way to declutter is to start with closets. These always seem to be a catch all for items we don’t need or wear. Let’s make room for all the new items and donate the old. Clothing is always welcome at shelters and blankets or towels are a need at all the animal rescue shelters at this time of year. Here’s a way to prioritize your decluttering process with piles:

  1. Any clothing you haven't worn in at least 2 years should be put in a pile to donate

  2. Anything you haven't worn in 6 months (other than seasonal items) should be placed in another pile for review

  3. Clothing you wear weekly/daily or monthly goes into a separate pile, also for review

  4. Hit up the linen closets for any blankets or towels with holes - donate those ASAP

  5. Sheets or blankets you no longer use or have not used in at least a year can also get donated

The piles you set aside for review should be given consideration. If it’s a piece of clothing you loved at one point but don’t currently wear can be stored away. If it’s something you are on the fence with, think about how you felt when you last wore it. If it didn’t make you feel amazing, donate it. The same rings true for items you currently wear. You will be organizing while at the same time helping others. That is a win-win in the new year!

Create space by decluttering

Where could you use more space? That’s the next place to start working on. This could be your kitchen cabinets, pantry, or your child’s play area. Focus on small things you can do to help create more space with organization in your home. For instance, is everything neat and tidy? If not, add more organization like kitchen drawer dividers or bins for under the sink. Adding a few shelves for books, pictures or nick knacks can free up space as well.

Home renovation resolutions #3 - energy efficiency

Energy efficiency not only helps you save money but it also leaves less of an impact on our environment. This is a resolution everyone should have on their to-do list.

Swapping out old appliances for energy efficient models is a great way to start saving energy. You will save money on your energy bills and there are great rebates for switching out old, outdated appliances. Most new appliances can also save money in other ways such as a new washing machine that only uses the amount of water needed to wash your clothes versus filling up the entire machine. Or dishwashers that have auto sensors to know how much detergent you need and only use that amount so you don't waste your money buying detergent. These are just a couple ways to save energy and money in the new year.

Energy efficient light bulbs are another great way to save money in the new year. LED light bulbs use 75% less energy than old bulbs and last a lot longer as well. This is the easiest and quickest way to save money and energy in the new year. Smart bulbs are amazing at saving money on energy. They are usually set to a timer and only go on or off at the specified time. They also can sense if someone leaves a room and automatically shuts off to save energy. That's pretty smart!

Home renovation resolution - hire a handyman

One of the best ways to ensure you check off all your renovation resolutions next year is to know when to hire a professional instead of trying a DIY project.

Putting new hardware on cabinets or trying a new paint color can be tackled by most homeowners. But, if a job feels out of reach such as fully remodeling a room including electrical updates, flooring or drywall, it should be handled by a professional.

Decluttering your closets and using dividers or bins can be an easy and effective way to organize your home in the new year. However, hiring a handyman to help hang shelves is a great way to create space in your home and save you time to do more of your home renovation resolutions.

Saving money on energy is every homeowner's goal. Think of all the things you could put that money toward! Replacing light bulbs is part of everyday life, but hooking up the smart bulbs to your smart home device may take a couple extra steps.

No matter what the job is, we are here to help. Our professional team can handle any resolution you have and help take the stress and worry out of it. Give us a call. Cheers to a New Year and checking off your home renovation resolutions!

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