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Fall maintenance checklist for your home

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Fall maintenance checklist for your home

As the seasons begin to change, so do the temperatures. This home fall maintenance checklist will prepare your home for the upcoming weather and ward off issues that could happen later in the season. Most of the home maintenance checklist can be done by the average homeowner, however you can always hire a professional handyman if you feel more comfortable.

Indoor fall maintenance checklist

As the cooler weather comes in our need for warmth soon follows. This is the ideal time to have your furnace inspected to ensure a comfortable winter ahead. Most companies that installed your furnace have a professional that can come out and perform a furnace tune up to ensure it is working properly and also change any filters that may need it.

Once a year you should review your home for any safety concerns such as carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms. You should have at least 2 carbon monoxide detectors for each level of your home and smoke detectors in most hallways or rooms. Change the batteries and ensure they are working properly. Now is also a good time to discuss fire safety with your family and have an escape plan in case of fire. Also make sure you have fire extinguishers that are not expired and everyone knows where they are located as well as how to use them.

Winter also brings in the dry air so now is the perfect time to get your humidifier running smoothly. Dry air can affect our skin and airways but it can also affect other items in your home such as wooden tables or cabinets. Dry air can make wood prone to cracking or damage. Make sure you clean your humidifier as per the instructions and keep clean water in them daily.

And lastly, this is the time of year to check your windows and insulation. Did you know that up to 30% of your heat can escape through drafty windows? Check for drafts by placing a candle by the seams of the window, if the flame flickers you may need better insulation. Weather-stripping is inexpensive and simple to replace, this is the easiest solution to keeping your home cozy all winter. You can also use caulk around the window frames to seal in the air. Lastly if you are looking at upgrading, look for double pane windows as they are more efficient and will help keep your windows draft free!

Outdoor fall maintenance checklist

Gutters are the first item on our outdoor fall maintenance checklist. It is a simple task but largely overlooked. Keeping your gutters clean of debris will help water from backing up causing possible leaks and corrosion. Before the leaves begin to fall take a small kitchen spatula and clear any dirt and debris left over from the summer in your gutters. Then place a small mesh screen over the top of your gutters. This will keep leaves from falling in and you from having to clean them in the colder weather.

Next check your roof for any missing shingles or possible soft spots. Inspect the flashing to ensure it is smooth and not curling or fragmented. Also check in your gutters for large amounts of rock coming off your shingles. Although this is a simple task, it will save you from disaster later.

Winterize your faucets. Turn off any water to outdoor spigots. Next ensure all your hoses are drained and wrapped up to be put away over the cold months. You will also want to winterize your irrigation systems to ensure they will work properly come spring. Most landscaping companies can help with this task. Lastly, depending on how cold your area gets, you may choose to put a Styrofoam bootie over your outdoor spigots. You can find these at most hardware stores for less than $5.00.

Finally, fall time is an excellent time to touch up your exterior paint. Although it must be a warm fall day, it is a great time of year to put on a new coat of paint or sealant. Before the winter comes, your deck or wooden steps may need to be painted or sealed to prevent damage from snow and ice. Painting in the fall has many benefits such as lower humidity and temperatures. Just be careful that the temperature you paint in does not dip below 50 degrees as most exterior paint is only recommended in temps above 45.

Fall home tips

Fall is a great time to do things you may not have the ability to do in hotter weather. In the fall you can have all the windows open to air out the house. This is a great time to clean your carpets. Whether you have a professional company come in and clean or you do it yourself, fall is the perfect time to get rid of all the summer sand and dirt. Having the windows open will help it dry faster as well. Create a winter driving kit. Everyone should have an emergency kit in the car, especially in the winter. Make sure it has a blanket, hand heaters, extra socks, jumper cables, a flashlight, hat, gloves and a wireless charger for your phone. Also make sure you have prepared your snow blower and it is ready to go as well as having shovels easily reached. If you have a generator make sure it is in an accessible area in case of a power outage. Always make sure you have plenty of blankets, candles and flashlights as well.

Complete your checklist with help

Fall time is a wonderful time of year. The changes in the color of the leaves, the cooler temperatures allows for more bonfires and clear skies allows for stargazing. Taking care of the home maintenance checklist now allows you to enjoy all the amazing things fall has to offer without the needless worry. Need a professional to take on some of your maintenance checklist for you? No problem, call us today and let us take care of things. So you can get out there and enjoy some warm apple cider and smores at the fire, and be worry free!

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