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Tips to create space in your home

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Tips to create space in your home

There is no such thing as too much storage in your home. We all could use a few extra closets and pantries, but what if your home just doesn't have the space? Luckily there are plenty of other creative storage ideas for all your essentials and ways to create space in your home. We found a few ways to maximize the space in your home that will provide additional storage and help declutter the messiest rooms in your home.

How to add storage to the kitchen

Have you always wanted a pantry but never thought you had the space? Sometimes the best way to add space is to reconfigure what you already have.

Have a messy drawer with a thousand utensils that never seems to close? Try putting a magnetic strip up in your kitchen and clip all your metal utensils to it. You will declutter a drawer and it will give a modern twist to your kitchen. Hang a long towel rack up in your kitchen and buy inexpensive shower hooks to hang all your pots and pans on. Have you always wanted a pantry but never thought you had the space? Sometimes the best way to add space is to reconfigure what you already have.

A kitchen island may have space underneath to add a couple cabinets or even open shelves for storage. Other times you have to peek at other rooms in your home for that additional space. For example your laundry room may be close to the kitchen and have wall space not being used. You could add a walk-in pantry or open shelves here to store all your dry goods and paper products!

Creative bathroom storage ideas

If your children are anything like mine then they take every toy out of the toy box to play with one toy and leave a trail of disaster in their wake. Storage cube systems to the rescue. They come in multiple colors and sizes, and you can label each one a certain toy or category, using pictures for younger children instead of labels. Using storage cubes is a good way to allow your child to play with one bin at a time and make less mess to pick up later. Assembly doesn’t take long and it will create a great storage area!

Use nail and screw storage containers or parts organizers for your Legos. They come in multiple sizes and you can make the inside dividers larger or smaller for different size Legos. Go a step further and organize the Legos by color in each division. Hang an over the door shoe storage system in your child’s room and stuff their favorite stuffed animals in the compartments and not on the floor!

Garage storage ideas

If you don’t have a garden shed, tools can get in the way! Grab a pallet from your local grocery store, they usually will give them to you for free. Attach it in a corner of your garage and put all your tools in the pallet.

Most of us do not have tool chests in our garage. An easy solution is pegboard. Place a pegboard on one of your walls in the garage and place pins in the holes, you can hang most tools such as hammers, wrenches and pliers this way. Loose screws, nails and nuts fit perfectly in small snack size sandwich bags and label each one by the part you will place in them and organize them in small bins to grab as needed.

Place bike hooks from the rafters of your garage. You can hang them vertically by the wheel or place hooks at both ends of the bike to have it horizontal. Keep all your holiday décor safe in plastic bins. Label each one by holiday and organize by first to last holiday for easy set up.

Have a handyman help with storage

We all could use a little extra space in our homes, with these tips hopefully we can find that. Multi Lakes Handyman Services are always here to help whether it be to assemble a storage cube system, hang a shelf or take a look at your home to see if we can add a pantry. Give us a call today for any of your storage needs.

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