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Bathroom trends that will dominate 2022

Updated: Mar 1

The most overlooked room in the house is also the most used, the bathroom. Refreshing your bathroom every few years will keep you up to date on the newest trends and the bathroom will be the best seat in the house. Here are the latest bathroom trends in 2022 for inspiration on your next bathroom remodel. Also check out our tips on how to prepare for your next renovation.

Shower experience

Showers are no longer about rinsing off and getting out as quickly as possible, it is a spa and relaxation area. These are the bathroom design trends in 2022 for your shower;

  • Walk in showers - These showers are taking the place of the bath and shower combo. Using dual shower heads or multiple faucets are part of new bathroom designs. Neutral color pallets are used with tile floor and walls. Also adding a bench in the shower helps with the feeling of relaxation and serenity.

  • Free standing tubs - Much like the walk in shower taking the place of the traditional tub/shower combo, the free standing tub is next level comfort. Not only do they add a level of elegance to the bathroom, they also come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Bold color tubs are trending and seem to be sticking around. Black, charcoal and blue are the colors to look for this year.

  • Biophilia - the innate need to connect with nature has led to an uprise in house plants. These are not just for your living room any longer, we are seeing plants becoming part of bathroom designs. Add them to the shelf in your shower for a spa and resort feel.

Textures and color

Move over white marble, color is coming back! Bold colors, murals, statement walls and textures should be on your radar when you are looking for bathroom ideas. These are the patterns and colors in bathroom trends 2022;

  • Murals - clean lines are a thing of the past, hand drawn murals as an accent wall in the bathroom are taking its place. Plants, nature, birds and jungle scenes give a spa like sanctuary to relax in.

  • Neutral color palettes - With the need to feel close to nature, people are using more neutral tones such as beige and sage. This gives the impression of being outside and closer to nature. Also using large tiles on both the floor and walls in the same colors are on the rise.

  • Bold colors - On the opposite side of the neutral color pallets, we are also seeing charcoals and black. Using natural stone or slate in deep grays and choosing black sinks or bathtubs are the perfect combination to go bold.

  • Textures - Terrazzo has seen a comeback recently. Updated and modern versions of it are being used in every designer's bathroom ideas this year. Using textured wall paper with a raised stone tile on the floor is fun and draws the eye. Metals is another texture we are seeing in bathroom designs this year.


The last few years bathroom trends have been more clinical using whites, marble and minimalist approach. This year the trends are more color forward and contrasting using stark white marble against black fixtures, botanical wallpapers with floral, etc. Here are some of the color contrast trends for the bathroom in 2022;

  • Black and white - White marble floor and walls contrast against a black tub and sink. Using black marble on the floor with white marble tiles on the walls. Black and white have been complimenting each other for decades and we don’t see that going away any time soon.

  • Floral and botanicals - wallpaper has made a huge comeback and is being used in every room of the house, including bathrooms. Using floral wallpaper and having an accent wall using botanical wallpaper is another way to show contrasting elements that work flawlessly.

  • Patterns and solids - Painting the walls in a bold color and using patterns in the tiles, fixtures and accents also show that bold comes in all shapes and sizes.

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