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Ideas to remodel your bathroom

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Ideas to remodel your bathroom

Remodeling bathrooms can be a bit frustrating, especially if it is the only one in the house. However, with contractors for the bathroom remodels and a few tips and tricks along the way, you can have the bathroom of your dreams. Always start with a layout design. Look at your space and how much room you have. Keeping the plumbing in the same place, are you able to fit your design? Do you want separate sinks or is one sink ok for everyone to use? Do you want a separate shower from the bathtub? What color scheme are you looking at? Having these ideas in mind will not only help you know exactly what you may need to buy and what you already have that is still usable as well as help stay on budget.

Remodel bathroom vanities

One of the first things you see when walking into the bathroom is the vanity. With so many pre-fabricated options available these days it is super easy to buy a new vanity and install it within an hour. Most home stores stock vanities that range 24 inches to 60 inches. These usually come with the cabinet and countertop attached with pre-drilled holes already in place for a new faucet and sink, so make sure whatever sink and faucet you choose will fit the pre-drilled holes. Also make sure your current plumbing will fit with the measurement of the new vanity. If it does not and you need to move any plumbing it is best to hire a professional to remodel a bathroom.

If you want to go along the contemporary look, floating vanities are the way to go. They come in all different sizes and allow you to be more creative with your space. You can buy them put together just like a traditional vanity just without the legs, or all separate pieces that you can combine to make your own unique design. Plus it will allow you to keep your floors cleaner and not lose items under the vanity.

If you are working on a budget you can always use the same vanity you have now and just paint it and put new hardware on the drawers or cabinets for a fresh new look without the cost. Choose warm light colors when choosing to paint your cabinets to keep with the trends.

No matter what bathroom remodel idea you choose, keep in mind a few tips. For a double vanity both sinks should be at least 36 inches apart or more. If space saving is what you are after, the average 30-inch vanity has nearly 15 cubic feet of storage. Looking for more light without the large cost of a new light? Backlit mirrors are the way to go and will give your bathroom a contemporary look. If you are looking at replacing just the countertop of your vanity, quartz countertops are the way to go. Not only will they resist scratches and stains, it is antimicrobial so is easier to keep clean and will not harbor bacteria.

Remodel bathroom flooring

Flooring comes in so many different water resistant forms that it is easier than ever to find the perfect option for your bathroom. From tile, stone to water resistant laminate floors, most hardware stores have these in stock and available to buy. So how do you decide what will work for you? Let's take a look at the options and some pros of each.

If you are looking for something that is easy to keep clean and you don’t have to maintain porcelain or glazed tiles, such as ceramic are a good choice. They are durable, hypoallergenic, and are resistant to moisture so it will help with mold and bacteria. Plus it comes in a large variety of colors and textures so you are sure to find your favorite look. You can also use water resistant laminate flooring which has multiple options and are easier to install. However, keep in mind that most laminate flooring will start to bow and peel if saturated with water constantly. You will want to avoid porous natural stone such as limestone as this can absorb moisture and will require you to use special grout and glazing to ensure it stays clean and mold free.

If you are looking for more of a non slip tile then look for tiles with textured surfaces, matte finishes, or sand-containing glazes. These can be a bit harder to find in multiple colors however can look more organic and give your bathroom a more natural feel to it. These are a bit more difficult to install so it may be beneficial to hire a handyman to remodel a bathroom that specializes in these types of floor.

Few more tips before we move on to remodeling bathroom tubs. Heated flooring has become very popular, but can also be very expensive. However, you are able to buy heat mats that come in different sizes for a small to large scale project. You can add these to a smart thermostat or electrical outlet with a timer to start heating up about 45 minutes prior to your morning shower so it will be nice and warm for you. Do you have wood floors in your bathroom already but are not water resistant? No problem, you can buy protective enamel paint and give your old floors a fresh look.

Remodel bathroom tub and shower

When it comes to the shower and tub there are multiple options. If space is not an issue, then having a separate tub and shower stall is a great choice and still the most popular option for home value. For the tub, a freestanding soaking tub will give you the luxurious feeling of a spa but will actually save room. These tubs tend to be smaller than a traditional tub so it takes less time to fill, saving you the cost of water and energy.

With all the room you save from having a separate tub, now is the time to invest in that spa shower stall you have dreamed about. Most local hardware stores sell shower spas that come equipped with multi shower heads, rainwater heads, massagers and even lights. Tile is also something to consider when replacing a shower stall. Large tiles that give an organic look are trending and with the larger tile you will save money as they take up more wall space and will have less grout lines to keep clean. Another thing to keep in mind when putting in tile is to use a recessed cubby for shampoo and soap. That way you can get rid of the old clunky over the shower head caddy. Make sure you size it correctly and use a scrap piece of countertop or stone such as quartz on the bottom to avoid having grout lines you will need to constantly clean. If you have little ones make sure to have a second cubby at knee length for them to be able to reach their items as well. However, if you want the look without the need to grout then a prefabricated shower stall is a good choice and comes in multiple colors and styles to choose from.

If you are looking just to refresh your current tub and surround then refinishing your tub will remove any stains or scratches and will help keep money in your pocket. You can also remove old caulk around the tub that may have yellowed or stained over the years and replace it with new caulk that can give your tub a refreshed look with little work on your end. When looking at replacing caulk here are a couple things to keep in mind. Always look for an acrylic or hybrid formula you can remove without chemicals so replacement is easier in the future. Also, any caulk you use, make sure it is white or clear and is mildew resistant and that it will offer you up to five years of being mildew free.

Other remodel bathroom ideas

It is important to mention that most toilets these days are energy efficient and made to save water, so if that is one of the items you are considering replacing, look to make sure it is energy efficient to help you save water and cost. However, replacing just the seat of your toilet will give it a new refreshed look without the hassle. Fresh coat of paint in the bathroom can tie it all together and make your bathroom look brand new. Make sure you buy a mildew resistant paint with primer which will also hold up in durability against Knicks and scratches and can be easily wiped down to keep clean. Painting your baseboards will also give the room a new feel without a large cost. Now all you have to do is pick out the accessories and you have a brand new bathroom to relax in after a long day. Keep in mind no matter what job big or small, we have professionals in every category ready to help. Call us today.

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