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How to turn your backyard into an oasis

Updated: Mar 1

An oasis is a calm, pleasant place where one can go to escape the day's worries. For most of us this means a vacation to a tropical location, others it is a place we can imagine in our mind that brings us peace. But, wouldn't it be nice to have your own oasis right in your own backyard? With these oasis backyard ideas anyone can bring the imaginary to life!

Creating your backyard oasis

Since everyone has a different idea of what an oasis is, we have ideas that anyone can use in any backyard setting;

  • Add a water feature - Adding a water feature can be something as small as a fountain that you buy from your local hardware store if you have limited space, or adding a pond with a water fountain. You can also try your hand at a DIY water feature like this from Family Handyman. Whatever you decide is best for your space, I think we can all agree that the sound of a waterfall is relaxing.

  • Build your dream deck - Having a deck in the backyard can add another dimension to your space. It can be a place to grill, where you gather around the dinner table, hammocks for lounging, a cozy nook to read in, extra seating for parties and even an amazing pergola that can add shade for the day and twinkle lights for the evening. Whatever your idea of a perfect deck is, we would love to help make it a reality!

  • Add privacy - Privacy in your backyard helps make it feel more peaceful and serene. There are a couple ways to add privacy. You can put up a privacy fence. Fences come in all different materials such as cedar or pine for a wood look, or a vinyl fence for the bright white look. You can also use tall shrubs and plants for a more natural look such as Arborvitae or Bamboo which can reach heights of 4-6ft.

  • Add a heat element - Summer wouldn't be the same without the evening bonfires with smores. Adding a fire pit is easy and most can even DIY one. Check out these 20 DIY backyard fire pit ideas from The Spruce for inspiration! If you don’t want a firepit check out other ideas on how to add heat elements to your backyard oasis.

  • Create an outdoor living room - The living room is a gathering place. This is where you and the family watch TV, lounge on the couches and may even take a nap. Bringing that same feeling to your backyard creates an environment where your family can enjoy the warmth of the summer while lounging on the couch! Outdoor couches with comfy cushions are a must have. Adding a gazebo over the area gives comfort and shade and the ability to add lighting which means enjoying the area well after sunset.

  • Add vibrancy - Adding pops of color will create that tropical feeling of a resort in your oasis. Using flowers and plants is a great way to add color, here are 49 ideas for colorful plants from The Family Handyman to add pops of color. You can also do this by adding bright colored pillows, throws and an outdoor rug to your outdoor living room.

  • Bring the fun - Adding lawn games is a great way to add a layer of fun to your oasis. Cornhole, ladder ball and yard jenga are all great options. Also, adding a movie theater to the backyard will really bring the feel of vacation to your own backyard. Most projectors can work with streaming devices such as a Roku and a large white sheet can work as a backdrop for your favorite Netflix show or the newest movie to come out.

  • Keep the bugs out - Nothing is worse than enjoying the evening as the sun is setting and all of a sudden having some uninvited guests; mosquitoes. Keeping bugs out will allow you and your guests to enjoy the evening without worrying about becoming dinner.

Budget friendly ideas for an oasis in your backyard.

Creating a backyard oasis may seem expensive and out of reach for those with a small backyard or limited space. We have you covered, there are oasis backyard ideas for all budgets. In addition to those above, here are some ways to help keep your budget low;

  • Container gardening - Not everyone has space to plant trees and shrubs. A great way to add plants and flowers to create your backyard oasis is to use containers. You can find these at any hardware store, even dollar stores have them in the spring! Use different colors to add another depth of color. Most annuals look great in pots and are bright such as violas, petunias or snapdragons. You can even plant herbs in containers around your backyard such as sage, lavender or mint.

  • Creating furniture DIY style - Just about any material can be made into a cool couch or seating. Cinder blocks are usually easy to find for cheap ( some even free ) and can be painted any color you like. Then add some pallet wood or a few pieces of lumber across the blocks to create a couch. Check out this blog for a step by step guide on how to build a DIY concrete bench. Now add pillows and throws to make it comfy and you now have an outdoor living space.

  • Add lighting - Adding string lights brings any outdoor space to life. Start looking at Christmas lights on clearance early or the dollar stores for lights you can buy at a lower cost. Wrap them around a tree nearby, or hang them from the fence to add some ambience to your oasis.

Hiring a handyman to create your backyard oasis

We love collaborating with our customers to bring their vision to life! Whether your remodeling project is big or small – we can handle it all because our skilled carpenters and contractors are committed to delivering high quality craftsmanship in every project. Whether it's a new deck or just helping assemble your new grill to go under your gazebo, we are ready to help. Give us a call.

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